Custom Traffic Signs and More

Through our custom traffic signs and illuminated street name signs, we cater to our customer’s needs. To provide the most appropriate solution to your communication problem, National Sign and Signal will examine it from a number of angles. We consider the visibility requirements, maintenance frequency, energy efficiency, and more.

We have discovered that in most circumstances, fiber optics provide the best answer. Because 100% of the illumination source is focused on the message, fiber optics provide maximum visibility. In fact, fiber optics deliver the concentrated power necessary to cut through heavy weather with vital information such as runway traffic control. And because the light source is focused, it results in a substantially more efficient use of energy.

While installation is not a factor in determining illumination technology, maintenance does matter. Unlike incandescent lamps, fiber optics signals use halogen cycle maps that are self-cleaning and do not blacken with age. They are better equipped to withstand urban vandalism and require virtually no maintenance. Fiber Optics represent the forefront of sign and signal technology. And that’s what you’d expect from the pioneer in the business.

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