Our Team of Custom Traffic Sign Manufacturers

Our team of custom traffic sign manufacturers is managed by experienced executives in Battle Creek, MI. They lead the way, from product development to national sales, to help distribute roadway and railway safety where it is needed. They ensure not only smooth operations and growth of the company, but also a safer environment for everyone to travel in. No matter what illuminated sign needs our customers have, the team at National Sign and Signal work to find the best solution for their problems.

Growth initiatives are led by National Sign’s Chairman Ronald E. Scherer. Mr. Scherer has over two decades of experience founding and managing private companies, including companies in the traffic, security, transportation, distribution, retail, real estate and healthcare industries. Mr. Scherer acquired National Sign and assumed his current role in 1986. National Sign has been a leader in the traffic control and management industries for several decades under his leadership.

The Team

Ronald Scherer
Chairman / President CEO
David Krauss
VP of Operations
Phil Hart
VP Product Design & Cad Systems
John Warren
National Sales Manager

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