Custom Traffic Signs in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek

On a stretch of road with poor signage, traffic conditions can be frustrating, confusing, or even dangerous. But in today’s society, where there are a record number of motorists—each with their own destination and point of origin—it can be difficult to find the right signage to signal where they ought to go. For that reason, we here at National Sign and Signal provide an unprecedented level of customization when you decide which sign you need. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the different ways you can customize and use signs to keep the flow of traffic efficient, calming, and safe.

Customizable Lane Control Signs

With our customizable lane control signs, you can set a new standard for your roadway. These signs can easily be customized to display messages to drivers in all conventional ITE colors. Additionally, these signs operate on a 60,000 hour life expectancy, offering nearly 7 years of use with next to no degradation of light strength.

If you’re worried about aspects of your custom design impacting the longevity or efficiency of this light, then we’d like to put those fears to rest. Our customizable lane control signs can operate on solar light and operate on industry-defining cooling and ventilation tech that protects this sign’s hardware from the elements while also ensuring they never overheat.

Other notable features of our lane control signs include:

  • Single and Double faced models
  • Welded aluminum housing (2mm thick)
  • EN12966 and L3 compliance
  • Over a 10-to-1 contrast ratio of full ambient light

We hate to sound like an infomercial, but—wait, there’s more! If you feel that our customizable lane control signs may be the right solution for you, click here for more information.

Custom LED Backlit Case Signs

Another option for your custom traffic signs is our LED backlit case signs. These signs not only boast an excellent ultra-bright display, they can also be made with custom messages and symbols that fit whatever purpose you may have for them. Moreover, they also come with a slew of advantageous features, such as:

  • Superior Day/Night Visibility
  • Record low power usage
  • 5-11 years of light life
  • Single and Double facing models

For more information about how you can customize a National Sign and Signal backlit case sign, click here.

Are you interested in using signs for traffic that display whatever message you need to communicate in a clear, easy to spot fashion? If so, contact us at National Sign and Signal today. Your motorists deserve clear communication and efficient, safe, traffic conditions. Together, we can help give it to them.