Give Me a Sign: How National Sign and Signal is Solving Traffic

When your average American hears the word “traffic,” nine times out of ten the next word they think of is “stuck.” Just think about the last time you or someone in your household came home from a long day of work and spoke about traffic in a positive or enthusiastic way. Chances are, you’ll be thinking for a while.

Such is the burden of the roadway: when it’s done well, no one notices; when it’s done poorly, the stress of it ruins family dinner night.

Here at National Sign & Signal, we don’t have a silver bullet to eliminate all bad traffic overnight. What we do have, though, are the tools to bring order to the chaos of modern traffic. By implementing our blank out signs and our lane control signs, we believe that any drive home can be made stress-free and just in time for family dinner.

Blank Out Signs for Fail-Safe Traffic Control

Our blank out signs provide reliable, ultra-bright directions for any motorist at any time of day. Built with a 60,000 hour LED life expectancy, these signs are 2 to 3 times brighter than your average mercury vapor sign. These signs are hard to miss in nearly any traffic condition, making them ideal for both areas of inclement weather and complex city traffic scenarios. Our blank out signs are also designed with the capability of displaying a variety of messages in a wide range of ITE colors, making them one of the most versatile signs on the market.

Illuminated Street Name Signs to End Confusion

Weighing in at only five pounds per square foot, National’s illuminated street name signs are designed to provide an even, consistent lighting on any street name. Like our blank out signs, our illuminated street name signs come equipped with a 60,000 hour life expectancy and a wide range of colors. To top it off, these signs are shatter-resistant and available in both tri-stud and rigid mounting, so they can endure almost anything a busy road can throw at them.

Our Signs, Your Designs

With our signs and your ingenuity, we can make a world where the average Joe comes home from work and, instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, he thinks to himself that life is good today. It may seem small to the outsider, but to that average Joe and to us, it matters.

If you want to make a difference in traffic that makes everyone’s day just a little bit better, contact us today. Traffic doesn’t have to feel like a mess; together, we can ensure it never does again.