How Signage Trends are Changing Around the World

In today’s rapidly evolving world, signage serves as more than just directional markers; it’s a reflection of culture, technology, and innovation. Whether you live in a major metropolitan city or in the quiet peace of a rural town, signage is central to every way of life. So as attitudes around signage change, communities across the world will change with them. So, it’s time to ask the question: what can you expect from the changing signage landscape?

In this month’s blog post, we’re exploring how signage trends are changing in 2024 and how they can benefit your community.

The Rise of Custom Traffic Signs

In 2024, custom traffic signs are more accessible and have more options than ever before. LED traffic signs, for instance, have more customizability than you might expect. Here at National Sign and Signal, we offer LED traffic signs that can be combined with your own custom sign designs. Custom LED traffic signs are particularly strong for rural environments that have local issues unique to them. For instance, if wildlife in your area frequently wanders onto roads at night, our light-up custom traffic signs can notify drivers at all times of day.

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Integration of Motion into Safety Signs

Another exploding trend across the world is signage that incorporates movement in order to convey their message more effectively. In the past, digital signs have incorporated movement because they don’t have enough space to write out the whole message. However, modern sign creators have figured out ways to use motion in entirely new ways.

Our Moving Eyes high speed rail sign is an example of one of these more modern designs. These signs keep the important text, “Do Not Cross,” still while using a moving pair of eyes to inform motorists to look out for coming trains. This design creates a greater sense of awareness in the motorist than standard “Do Not Cross” signs while keeping the message easy to read.

As technology and attitudes around signage change throughout the world, communities of all needs and backgrounds now have access to more options than ever. No matter what community you serve or represent, there’s a new frontier of signage accessible to you.

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