Maintaining Safe Railroads with Proper Signage

When it comes to traffic, few things matter quite as much as railroad safety. Without proper signage, a new opportunity for danger arises with every passing train. For that reason, it’s absolutely critical that every railroad crossing is properly indicated with crossing alert signs whenever possible. Yet, deciding which signs are ideal for a railroad crossing can be a difficult task. To help in deciding which railroad sign you should use to properly indicate a railroad crossing, today’s blog post will cover railroad crossing signs and railroad crossing safety systems and their benefits.

Advantages of an LED Railroad Crossing Sign

Regular railroad crossing signs can certainly get the job done at a low cost, though they come with their own drawbacks. Where standard railroad crossing signs might be more effective within city limits, where public lighting is plentiful, they fall short when not supported by pre-existing light fixtures.

By contrast, LED railroad crossing systems are particularly recommended for those areas that don’t have nearby sources of light when the night falls. When it gets dark outside, railroad crossing signs without built-in lighting systems could fail to be detected by motorists until they are already at risk of a collision. Our solar-powered, ultra-bright LED railroad crossing sign, however, can be seen at a distance of up to 2 miles away, making low-light visibility a non-issue for any of those country roads that don’t have artificial lighting. And because the LED light is solar-powered, there’s virtually no risk that it ever run out of battery if left alone for long periods of time.

Pedestrian Crossing at the Railroad

If you’re seeking a solution to the risks of pedestrian railroad crossing, then there are few better approaches than using the Moving Eyes High Speed Rail (HSR) crossing sign. Like our vehicle-railroad signs, the Moving Eyes HSR is ultra-bright, solar powered, and nearly impossible to miss from up to 2 miles away. The sign is engineered to create a need for any passing pedestrians to look both ways at a train crossing by depicting a pair of eyes looking in either direction of the railroad. Additionally, this sign can be easily integrated with RMS radar motion sensors to only display the Moving Eyes graphic when a motorist approaches, making this sign ideal for rural environments as well as urban ones.

Interested in securing your railroad crossing with proper signage? Contact us to get your ideal railroad safety sign today.