Our Newest Sign: The DADDS Rail Grade Crossing System

Here at National Sign and Signal, we work around the clock to bring you the most effective signs possible for whichever traffic needs you may have. In today’s ever-evolving traffic landscape, we feel that it’s critical to provide you with as many effective signaling options as possible as vehicles such as self-driving cars begin populating the roadways. While we already pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with custom traffic signs as times change, we feel the urgency to proactively innovate to create solutions for as many traffic situations as possible. That’s why, in today’s blog post, we’ll be reviewing the features of our latest product: the DDAS rail grade crossing safety system.

Clear Communication Even in Dire Weather

Few signs, perhaps, have as much importance to the safety of drivers as railroad crossing signs. Naturally, then, it’s critical that drivers approaching a railroad are able to read railroad crossing signs they come across in any weather. That’s why the DADDS Rail Grade Crossing System is designed to work night or day, rain or shine. This system utilizes an LED traffic sign to draw the eyes of drivers while also allowing for solar panel energy collection and storage to maintain a charge on the system with little to no interference. Additionally, the DDAS comes with a built-in back up power system to keep the sign functioning even in the face of a power outage.

Monitoring Software for Detailed Reports

We also understand the importance of monitoring your railroad crossing signage to make sure it’s not interfered with or otherwise made ineffective. That’s why the DADDS comes equipped with optional monitoring features that provide information such as tamper status, CCTV video transmission, and even breach status. For easy use, the monitoring software even supports Microsoft Windows, allowing for easy access without complicated software systems. On that some note of practicality, the DADDS system also provides reports on its own health status, keeping you informed at a glance of how well your system is working.

Are you interested in keeping your roadways and railroad crossing safe for all motorists? If so, click here to contact us today about acquiring your own DDAS system. Or, for more information on the DDAS system, click here to read all about its notable features and standard uses. At National Sign and Signal, we believe that direct communication is the solution to traffic problems. With your help, we can bring that communication to motorists everywhere.