Railroad Crossing Signs that Keep Communities Safe

When it comes to railroad crossings, safety is an absolute priority. In 2023 alone, there were over 1,000 train related injuries, where 250 of them ended in fatalities.

While it’s difficult to say if all of these collisions were due to improper signage, it must be assumed that proper signage can make a difference. With proper warning and functional equipment, injuries and death across this country can be minimized.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing our railroad signage and how it can make a life-saving difference.

Our Railroad Crossing Signs

Here at National Sign and Signal, we offer two main railroad crossing signs: our LED signs and our Moving Eyes high speed rail sign.

LED Railroad Crossing Signs

Our DADDS LED railroad crossing signs are our innovative solution to 24/7 safety at the railroad crossing. Our DADDS sign is particularly equipped for rural areas, where workers may not be able to get out as frequently to replace the battery or monitor traffic.

Our DADDS sign is preferable in rural areas because of its combination of solar power energy and ability to monitor traffic using a 24 GHz radar. Additionally, this sign’s ultrabright display is so strong, it can be seen from up to 2 miles away at night, preventing danger at the crossing well in advance. Additionally, an optional photocell sensor can be installed to the unit, prolonging its life and allowing you more control over when the sign operates.

Moving Eyes High Speed Rail Sign

The Moving Eyes high speed rail (HSR) sign is one of our most effective models for railroad safety. Similar to our standard LED railroad crossing signs, these signs come with an optional solar power unit ultralight strength that can be seen from 2 miles away at night.

In addition to these features, this system implements moving eyes that look from left to right as the train approaches. The “moving eyes” are designed to make motorists come to a stop and look in both directions. Since some motorists only glance in one direction, this system encourages them to look both ways.

When it comes to the railroad crossing, everyone shares the responsibility of ensuring we all stay safe. If you want to do your part to reduce railroad related fatalities, then install the signage you need to keep pedestrians and motorists safe at the crossing.

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