Roadway Security: Three Products to Make Your Roadway Safer

It’s no secret that the roadways can be hazardous to navigate at times. Particularly in the case of low-visibility conditions or inclement weather, it’s overwhelmingly likely that a large enough group of drivers over a long enough period of time will eventually lead to frightening or even dangerous traffic incidents. Here at National Sign and Signal, we believe it is our duty to do our part in reducing the amount of factors that could lead to unfortunate traffic incidents by offering a trio of security systems to implement in and around your roadway.

VADS Model 100

Designed to work in conjunction with signals such as railroad crossing signs, the VADS Model 100 deploys an array of flexible polymeric poles to impede vehicles from attempting crossings they shouldn’t or even to redirect traffic in a new direction. The Model 100 is particularly strong for railroad crossings, where each pole will deploy in response to an oncoming train, preventing any drivers who might try to cross despite the descending exit gate from putting themselves in harm’s way. Additionally, the Model 100 is built to endure multiple vehicle impacts, and can safely redirect traffic in conjunction with any traffic signs you may have.

VADS Model 400

Where the Model 100 is best suited for redirecting traffic, the Model 400 is also built to stop it entirely when necessary. Constructed to withstand a 30,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour, the Model 400 was created with the defense and preservation of highly-valued assets in mind. The Model 400’s retractable steel python barriers  deploy in 6 seconds under regular circumstances, and have the ability to deploy in a mere 2 seconds when operating in emergency mode. The Model 400 can also easily be paired up with custom traffic signs of your choice to best redirect or even halt traffic and maintain your road or facility’s safety.

VADS “Wrong Way” Alert System

The VADS “Wrong Way” Alert System is perfect for those need to alert without necessarily raising barriers like the Model 100 and Model 400. The “Wrong Way” Alert System is instead designed with tiers of preventative action in mind, so that any misdirected drivers can be redirected with the smallest escalation of force possible. Though the “Wrong Way” Alert System will automatically identify and respond to traffic infractions how you program it to, it generally begins by activating an illuminated sign to inform drivers of the infraction and works up to activating rising barriers like the Model 100 or Model 400 only when strictly necessary.

Interested in making your business or roadway safer? Contact us today to begin work on your own safety devices.

Traffic Control Model 100 Delineators