The Importance of Railroad Crossing Signs

When it comes to traffic safety, few signs are as important as railroad crossing signs. Across the United States, thousands of trains transport both goods and people throughout over 3 million square miles. As a result, proper safety measures need to be in place throughout our entire nation to prevent accidents and collisions.

That said, how do you decide on which safety measures are right for which circumstances? In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing the importance of railroad crossing signs and how you can use them to save lives.

The 2 Types of Railroad Crossing Signs

Generally speaking, most agree that there are two types of railroad crossing signs: passive signs and active signs.

Passive Railroad Crossing Signs

As the name entails, passive signs are meant to passively alert motorists to nearby train tracks. These signs are generally static, and are primarily made to give advance warning to drivers who require more time to slow down. Some examples of these drivers are:

  • School Bus Drivers
  • Semi-Truck Drivers
  • Drivers Hauling Trailers

Sometimes, you may come across a railroad that only has a passive sign. If so, it’s important to be even more cautious than if there were an active sign.

Active Railroad Crossing Signs

By contrast, active railroad crossing signs are much more difficult to miss. These are the signs that generally have flashing lights, moving barriers, and noisemaking capabilities. Active railroad crossing signs are best used for areas of heavy traffic and low visibility, where people are less likely to slow down and look both ways for an oncoming train.

Benefits of LED Railroad Crossing Signs

When it comes to choosing railroad signage, LED railroad crossing signs are some of the best. These signs are suitable for nearly every environment, and even are even solar-power compatible to maximize battery life.

An LED railroad sign may be the best choice for you if:

  • The crossing is in low visibility conditions
  • The crossing is in a rural area
  • The crossing has a high amount of foot traffic
  • The train frequently passes through the crossing at night

When it comes to railroad crossing signage, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than LED options.

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